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Guide for Web Designers & SEOs to Create SEO-Friendly Websites

SEO Friendly Website Design

Organic SEO and web design are connected with each other intrinsically. Website design has a direct impact on your website ranking in search engine.

If Web Design Company’s search engine marketing and deigning team don’t work together than it causes trouble for their project. It also causes a problem in case the SEO team begins their optimization process after compilation of website design.

If the design & SEO team work together to design an SEO-friendly website than it can help increase in the site’s organic ranking.

At Al Muheet Al Aam Technology, our team serves SEO optimized website designing solutions to our clients for different kind of industries. Our team collaborates with designers to develop a site that is friendly to Google and other search engines.

In this article, you will find the insights to confirm web design and SEO is done rightly.  Find the following tips to ensure your design work is helping your SEO team effort.

Mobile Usability for User Experience:

Every user wants an easy and speedy website so they can get the best experience from that site. Search engine aim is to provide possibly the great search result that satisfies searcher intent.

So the user experience is one of the top design funnels for creating user-friendly websites. Google rewards those sites which are friendly to users.

Good user experience allow a user to spend more time on site and make a website to get the high amount of social shares.  And user experience is not only depending on desktop usability but it also depends on mobile usability.

So you must make your site mobile friendly to get better ranking in search engines.

Design Smart Linking Structure:

Smart website linking structures is must for better ranking in the search engines. It allows a search engine to discover and crawl the website properly.

If you don’t link your content properly or your content has broken or dead links then chance are high that search engine won’t discovered your site. Your pages and post must be reachable in less than three clicks deep.

Design with High-Quality Original Content:

There was a time when stuffing your website landing page with targeted keywords to get a higher ranking. Now time is change, know the content on your website is the representative of your site pages.

You need to add high-quality content on your site during designing to allow a search engine to rank your site from the launching of your site.

Most of the agencies just add duplicate content by copying other website content. This is bad practice in terms of website ranking.

Keep Your Eye Open During a Redesign:

Redesigning a website is one of the difficult jobs in terms of website ranking sustainability in the search engines.

Without consulting with SEO experts, a redesigning website can put website ranking in danger.  Many web development companies do this and make their clients SEO power completely zero.

You should crawl your website completely to get the list of pages on your site and their ranking in search engines. If you feel any page is not necessary for new design than redirect it no leaves it orphan.

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